Welcome to Emerging Media 360

We blog about the impact of emerging media on you-name-it.

Emerging Media 360 is curated by the faculty of the Master of Arts in Emerging Media program at Loyola University Maryland. Here we will share our insights, research, ideas and stories about new and emerging media and its impact economically, politically, socially and personally.   The blog will feature people teaching and learning in the  Emerging Media MA program as well as other people with something interesting to say.

Why we created the MA in Emerging Media

Loyola University Maryland’s Master of Arts in Emerging Media program recognizes the need to get ahead and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to diffusion of new and emerging media. The MA program was created to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to develop strategies to apply new media in real-world applications, and to recognize how new communication platforms affect the way we live, act, and understand the world.

We don’t claim to know where new media will to take us but we are happy to speculate. Our best credentials are that we are engaged and interested in these issues and have been for a long time. We see this venture as a collaboration of our professors, graduate students, and professionals from the fields of journalism, advertising, public relations, marketing communication and those generally interested in what’s new now and what’s coming next. If you are interested in writing for the blog, please contact our Managing Editor, Veronica (Ronnie) Gunnerson, at vgunnerson@loyola.edu.

Please Join Us

Our promise is this. Emerging Media 360 will consistently provide a fresh and sometimes surprising perspective on the issues that matter most in the ways we communicate and interact through emerging media platforms. You can also follow us on Twitter @goaheadgetahead and join us on Facebook.

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