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Cyberbullying is Bad for Business

NPR recently posted an article about Facebook’s latest attempts to combat cyberbullying. Turns out that Facebook saw a decrease in the number of teen users over the last year; NPR reports that when polled this fall, only 23 percent of teens … Continue reading

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Can Apple, Google and Facebook Etc. Stand Up to the Feds?

Not long ago, Apple revealed the frequency of requests for data it receives from government agencies, and the number was impressive.  In the first six months of 2012 alone, 1,000 to 2,000 pieces of data were requested by various agencies. These … Continue reading

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Social Media: Power to the People

In the era of Social Media, social media can be an average citizen’s great equalizer with corporate and government power. The ruling hegemony no longer has total control over the mass media as it did in the past. Average citizens … Continue reading

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Twitter is Dancing on the Global Stage

As Twitter prepares for its debut as a publicly traded company, in addition to the financial issues it faces like where does the revenue come from, it must also consider its global consumer approach. Many U.S. companies who go global … Continue reading

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Doing Without Technology in our Everyday Lives

Doing without is a great protector of reputations since all places one cannot go are fabulous, and only the rare and enlightened plowman in his field or on his mountain does not overrate what he does not or cannot have. … Continue reading

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