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Craft Breweries Tap Social Media to Promote New Beers

Fans of craft beer are always seeking the next beer offering from their favorite brewery. Whether it is in a small batch release available exclusively at the brewery or brewpub, a seasonal release that’s only produced at a certain time … Continue reading

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What’s up with Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger As has been the topic of much conversation both on and offline for sometime, Facebook recently announced its acquisition of the popular cross-platform mobile messaging app WhatsApp. The knowledge of this piece of information even helped me propel … Continue reading

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Should Apple Build Android Phones?

I read an article in Engadget that talks about Steve Wozniak’s suggestion that Apple should build Android Phones. When I first read it, I was not surprised that the famous Wozniak would suggest this during an interview, as in reality, … Continue reading

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Writing About (Web) Writing

As marketing professionals, it is important to understand the fundamentals of web writing so that we can make our clients’ websites more usable, popular, and profitable. The web is a publishing medium. The content a company posts on its website … Continue reading

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