Should Apple Build Android Phones?

image002I read an article in Engadget that talks about Steve Wozniak’s suggestion that Apple should build Android Phones. When I first read it, I was not surprised that the famous Wozniak would suggest this during an interview, as in reality, this is something that’s possible. But then it got me thinking, how possible is this? Will the Apple of today listen to one of the founders? I doubt Wozniak’s suggestion would even reach the desk of an executive for approval. As some of you might know, Steve Wozniak, along with Steve Jobs, founded the company we know as Apple Computer Inc. Wozniak decided to split ways with Apple to pursue his own personal goals.

Apple is actually in a position where it can build Android phones, but I highly doubt they will ever do such a thing. Android is an open source OS, meaning any manufacturer can take the operating system, modify it, then release it. Manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC, and former Motorola Mobility all had their own version of Android. If Apple were to put its hands in the cookie jar, it would create the phone but still in some form of its familiar image. The possibility is there, but would Apple really use its competitor’s OS, even though it is an open source program? And how about the hardware?  As we all know, Apple puts a lot of effort into the design of its mobile devices, so one might think that combining Apple hardware with Android OS would create a super smartphone. If only the two companies weren’t such bitter rivals. So in a way, Apple would be hurting its iOS by boosting Android’s market share.

Although Wozniak is an important figure in the creation of Apple, his unorthodox approach to software is something that current Apple Inc. would most likely not approve. If Apple were to build Android phones, it would be put into a situation where a partnership with Google would be inevitable. This is something I believe the two companies would try to avoid, so I don’t see Wozniak’s suggestion coming to life in this universe. But you never know…

Giancarlo Arias, Graduate Student 
Master of Arts in Emerging Media
Loyola University Maryland                           
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