Finding Family on Facebook – Even a Stranger’s Family

By now we all know the merits of Facebook – stay in touch with family and friends, seek and share information, raise money, advocate for a cause, remember a birthday, celebrate a life, find a lost-lost friend or relative…on and on it goes.

But here’s a bit of a twist, all because of one man’s kindness. While mining his local landscape with his metal detector, a Georgia man came across a silver bracelet with a name inscribed in it. After closely examining it, he determined that the bracelet was decades old. Not content to simply add it to his hobbyist findings, he decided the family of the bracelet owner just might like to have that bracelet back. But who was the family? And where was the family?

Angela Martin Blog Illustration

The gentleman posted an announcement about the bracelet on the search page of a local online newspaper. The newspaper then took it a step further, posting his announcement on its own Facebook page. In no time at all, the daughter and grandson of the bracelet owner replied, and they were given their father/grandfather’s bracelet – a piece of his life that carried sentimental value well beyond whatever the little bit of silver may have been worth.

Without Facebook, the gracious man who decided to track down the bracelet owner’s family still might have been able to locate them via the local online paper’s search page. Facebook made it happen practically in the blink of an eye.

So the next time a nonbeliever says to you, “I don’t use Facebook; I couldn’t care less what my friends ate for breakfast,” you might just want to share this heartwarming story.

By Angela Martin, Graduate Student
Master of Arts in Emerging Media
Loyola University Maryland
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