Is Less Really More?

It is undeniable that emerging media have evolved at an unparalleled pace, and possess an inherent power over the evolution of our society. The increasingly quick growth speaks to the rapidity of the emerging media movement and how that has already altered our world. Today, millennials tend to demand instantaneous results on all fronts, and Fifth Third Bank is attempting to capitalize on that demand with a new campaign highlighting the speed of their banking app. The company has “introduced a 30-second commercial, which will air in 15 markets, as part of its “No Waiting” campaign. The spot tells the story of a man who doesn’t have to wait for things, like fish to nibble his line, or his hair to dry after a shower.” But, I think this campaign raises a larger question surrounding how larger companies cater to millennials and their hurried lifestyle. I, myself, am certainly a millennial, and with that I enjoy any sort of emerging media that will assist in making my life easier. But, when things like net neutrality are being compromised for faster and more stable streaming, I question how our actions as millennials are affecting the technological world.

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Fifth Third Bank’s claims to have “created a mobile banking experience through the Fifth Third mobile app that moves at your speed: now.” And, while I appreciate their effort to engage with millennials in a way that speaks to them, I worry that at a certain point, companies will not be able to move any quicker than they already are, and plateau while the rest of the world continues to demand a speedy turnover time. The speed at which our technology moves is unbelievable, but I fear that with this increasing pace, companies will not be able to satisfy millennials, and the overall success of this emerging media will taper off. This may seem like an unrealistic fear in a world that continues to produce results. But, I believe that for the sake of society, we as millennials need to slow down and revisit the notion of substance, because sometimes, less really isn’t more.

Pasquarelli, Adrianne. “Another Bank Chases Millennials With Digital Games, Ads.” Advertising Age CMO Strategy RSS. N.p., 21 Jan. 2016. Web. 28 Jan. 2016.

Molly Wipf @MollyWipf

Emerging Media Graduate Student

Loyola University

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