Let Me Take A Selfie- The New Way To Pay Online With MasterCard

Currently, online users have to use passwords in order to make online purchases. Those days will soon be over since MasterCard has created a new innovation to allow users to use a ‘selfie’ to make online purchases. This will become very successful, mainly for Millennials since selfies are more popular with the newer generation. Millenials also heavily use the internet to make online purchases. Jones stated, “A Mitek poll of 1,004 Millennials found that 86% make purchases and perform other transactions via their smartphones.” The good news about this innovation is you don’t have to remember your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can use facial recognition instead. Personally, I was a little skeptical about MasterCard using selfie purchases because couldn’t someone just use anyone’s selfie? This has been proven to be false, a new selfie must be taken for all purchases and the user must blink.


MasterCard is trying to keep up with Apple Pay, that currently allows you to use fingerprints to pay for purchases. Also, combined with the use of chip embedded credit cards it provides users with even more safety when making these purchases. As of Oct 1st retailers are more liable for individuals who have chips in their cards. There are a few simple steps to make sure that the user is secure before making a purchase. They must first download the identity check app and then they can go shopping for whatever they like. Once the user checks out, they will receive a notification that re-opens the identify check app. After, the user snaps a picture while blinking. This is very important as it protects the user from theft.

For those wondering if the information is going to be stored, they have nothing to worry about. MasterCard does not store any pictures that are taken. They are currently running pilots of this new innovation at different banks worldwide. If the pilot is successful it will not only be available for users but, will be used for banks as well. According to Zumbach, it will be available to the public this summer. I think it’s safe to say that this form of payment will become popular after it’s release.

Nicolette Black @nvblack08

Emerging Media Graduate Student

Loyola University


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