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Has Apple crossed the line?

When does national security trump privacy and personal security? Are Apple’s concerns for their customers or for their own proprietary marketing trade secrets? Apple has ridden an incredible wave of innovation and success largely doing the opposite of what Steven … Continue reading

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Your Digital Footprint: How Personal Information on the Web Can Haunt You Forever

This is a true story but the name as been changed. A boy named Christopher grew up in beautiful Baltimore City, surrounded by loving family and neighbors. He went to a good school – a private school, where the students … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Broadcast Live Streaming: Balancing the Private Versus the Public

Live streaming is not a particular new phenomenon. Websites like UStream, and Live Stream have existed for years providing users with the ability to broadcast from the comfort of their laptop and/or desktop computer. However, in March 2015 both … Continue reading

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How Our Oversharing Has Made Facebook Millions

It used to be a rule of thumb to not share personal information with a stranger. Nowadays, we practically put a copy of our Driver’s License on our Facebook page. We’ve slowly become accustomed to putting it all out there … Continue reading

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Agribusiness Ponders Precision vs. Privacy

Not a day goes by without Edward Snowden saga updates. Will the U.S. agree to a clemency deal? Should I be worried that my phone calls are being tracked? But even as we process through the information brought to light … Continue reading

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Can Apple, Google and Facebook Etc. Stand Up to the Feds?

Not long ago, Apple revealed the frequency of requests for data it receives from government agencies, and the number was impressive.  In the first six months of 2012 alone, 1,000 to 2,000 pieces of data were requested by various agencies. These … Continue reading

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