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National Friends Day …and what it means to create a movement on social media

We’ve all heard it from the naysayers around this time of year: Valentine’s Day is just a silly holiday Hallmark made to increase consumerism. True? I’m not so sure about that (neither is history.com). But today, I logged onto my … Continue reading

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Your Digital Footprint: How Personal Information on the Web Can Haunt You Forever

This is a true story but the name as been changed. A boy named Christopher grew up in beautiful Baltimore City, surrounded by loving family and neighbors. He went to a good school – a private school, where the students … Continue reading

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Who Decides What you See? Why Understanding Social Media Censorship is so Important.

(Source: https://globalvoicesonline.org) Social media companies have come under fire recently for their censorship practices. Some companies, like Instagram and Facebook, have been accused of hypocritical policies that lead to content removal. Other companies, like Twitter, have faced criticism for their lack … Continue reading

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How Our Oversharing Has Made Facebook Millions

It used to be a rule of thumb to not share personal information with a stranger. Nowadays, we practically put a copy of our Driver’s License on our Facebook page. We’ve slowly become accustomed to putting it all out there … Continue reading

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What does “Net Neutrality” Mean for the Rest of Us?

So you’ve heard that on June 12 a Federal court denied claims made against the Federal Communication Commission’s net-neutrality, issuing the first step in rolling out the Open Internet Laws and you couldn’t contain your excitement, right? As media nerds … Continue reading

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Spread the Word – Pediatric Cancer Concerns

When a family learns of its child’s diagnosis with cancer, the family begins to contemplate treatment options and plan for patient care while balancing life’s regular demands. Facebook trends show that it has become increasingly popular for families to take … Continue reading

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Finding Family on Facebook – Even a Stranger’s Family

By now we all know the merits of Facebook – stay in touch with family and friends, seek and share information, raise money, advocate for a cause, remember a birthday, celebrate a life, find a lost-lost friend or relative…on and … Continue reading

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