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What does “Net Neutrality” Mean for the Rest of Us?

So you’ve heard that on June 12 a Federal court denied claims made against the Federal Communication Commission’s net-neutrality, issuing the first step in rolling out the Open Internet Laws and you couldn’t contain your excitement, right? As media nerds … Continue reading

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From Luxury to Lifeline

Across the Bronx, where the median household income hovers around $34,000, broadband access to the Internet is a rarity. A 2012 article in the Huffington Post profiled a number of people living and working in the hardscrabble borough, finding themselves … Continue reading

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Online Streaming vs. Cable — Who Will Win?

As more consumers engage in online streaming, cable will be at a risk to lose viewership. According to a recent study from Nomura Research, that decline may already be well underway. Nomura’s February report compiles data from major cable networks … Continue reading

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Will Emerging Media Make it “Over the Top”?

One of the most endearing characteristics of emerging media is its Wild West ethos.  If you have an idea, just put it out there and you too may be the next Google, Facebook, Twitter or whatever is being hatched that … Continue reading

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