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Let Me Take A Selfie- The New Way To Pay Online With MasterCard

Currently, online users have to use passwords in order to make online purchases. Those days will soon be over since MasterCard has created a new innovation to allow users to use a ‘selfie’ to make online purchases. This will become … Continue reading

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The Revolution of Hashtaging

It is without a doubt that that social media is an innovation of the Internet and a forefront of the World Wide Web. Social media has been an avenue for information sharing and a port for connectivity for individuals no … Continue reading

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FERPA and the Use of Emerging Media in the Classroom

Slide Image Courtesy of Benjamin Howard I revamped my biotech course making it literature-based using Pointing From the Grave and Genentech. As I read these books, I kept recalling Where Good Ideas Come From, a book assigned by @elliotkingphd. Since … Continue reading

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Is Less Really More?

It is undeniable that emerging media have evolved at an unparalleled pace, and possess an inherent power over the evolution of our society. The increasingly quick growth speaks to the rapidity of the emerging media movement and how that has … Continue reading

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The Quantified Self and Big Data: A Match Made in Corporate?

During Apple’s announcement of the iWatch in March, a sizable amount of stage-time was spent promoting health features. Tim Cook talked about the activity monitoring that is possible through the device’s built-in sensors, and how all of the activity would … Continue reading

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Doing Without Technology in our Everyday Lives

Doing without is a great protector of reputations since all places one cannot go are fabulous, and only the rare and enlightened plowman in his field or on his mountain does not overrate what he does not or cannot have. … Continue reading

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