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Why the 2016 Presidential Candidates Should Embrace Social Media

Social media at its simplest definition allows anyone to connect with each other through online communication. Because it can be accessed anywhere there is Internet, social media is often credited with giving a voice to those who feel unheard. This … Continue reading

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National Friends Day …and what it means to create a movement on social media

We’ve all heard it from the naysayers around this time of year: Valentine’s Day is just a silly holiday Hallmark made to increase consumerism. True? I’m not so sure about that (neither is history.com). But today, I logged onto my … Continue reading

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Who Decides What you See? Why Understanding Social Media Censorship is so Important.

(Source: https://globalvoicesonline.org) Social media companies have come under fire recently for their censorship practices. Some companies, like Instagram and Facebook, have been accused of hypocritical policies that lead to content removal. Other companies, like Twitter, have faced criticism for their lack … Continue reading

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How Our Oversharing Has Made Facebook Millions

It used to be a rule of thumb to not share personal information with a stranger. Nowadays, we practically put a copy of our Driver’s License on our Facebook page. We’ve slowly become accustomed to putting it all out there … Continue reading

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Sochi: Social Media at Its Best — or Its Worst?

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have garnered a lot of social media attention, but not all of it positive. The official Twitter handle of the 2014 Olympic games (@Sochi2014) has about 271,000 followers; however, because of the state of … Continue reading

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Twitter is Dancing on the Global Stage

As Twitter prepares for its debut as a publicly traded company, in addition to the financial issues it faces like where does the revenue come from, it must also consider its global consumer approach. Many U.S. companies who go global … Continue reading

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Can Twitter Help Sell TV Ads?

Beware, all that tweeting you did during the season premiere of ABC’s “Scandal” is being officially monitored. But don’t worry, national security isn’t coming after you. It’s just your everyday, average advertising dollar.  The AC Nielsen Company just announced the … Continue reading

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